Dear Participants,

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you joining our Training Course.

Our theme of: "Successful Interaction with others", covers external and internal customers as well as your own team members.

We want to show you new ways to deal with the difference of people.

In a team this means cooperating more effectively without any great friction, using the strength of individuals better, and compensating their weaknesses through the team. "Nobody is perfect", and that is absolutely ok. But everyone can extend their repertoire for dealing with other people, to learn more, and how to apply knowledge in a beneficial manner.

The course will give you ways to overcome resistance, and how to facilitate easier, quicker interactions that will achieve your desired outcomes. By connecting with, and first giving others what they are interested in, you will have a much greater possibility to get what is important for you.

This further development of your social competence and your "emotional intelligence" will contribute to

  • A deeper understanding of yourself, recognizing your effect on others
  • Understanding the preferences of others and learning to react appropriately
It is our aim to conduct the course as individually as possible, using our time effectively, delivering a high quality value result, while enjoying the process.

To achieve all this, the ITTB GmbH as an Accredited Practitioner of the company Insights Learning & Development Limited is using the Insights Discovery Preference Profile which is the basis of our common work.

The ID Evaluator is necessary to proceed.

  • As data protection is a very important issue for the ITTB GmbH, we kindly ask you to give us only your first name together with the 1. letter of your name and the gender (because of the pronouns in the text) while completing the Evaluator (which you should always do in your mother tongue). Other additional information is not needed.

  • To get access to the Evaluator you will get a Reference Code in our Invitation letter when we inform you about the Seminar.

  • The Preference Profile will be given directly to you in our seminars.

  • The ITTB GmbH will delete all Preference Profiles according to the company's contracts.

For reasons of time and efficiency we kindly ask you

  • to complete the ID Evaluator at least 14 days before the training course starts.
  • Please think of your work environment while completing the questionnaire.
  • Use your mother tongue.
  • Stick to a timeframe of about 20 minutes.
Try to be as honest as you can, the information in the profile will be very valuable for you. There is no RIGHT or WRONG in the typological work. You will just get an interesting insight. You will be the ONLY ONE to receive this profile.

We are looking forward to working with you and promise you an interesting seminar.

Kindest regards
Gerda Bensch

Access to the ID Evaluator
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