Portrait Gerda Bensch


Gerda Bensch has been on the road for 30 years with her typological seminars in many large companies around the world. To this day, she has lost none of her lively and humorous manner – but has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience, which she would still like to pass on.

My seminars

Four open seminars are planned so far in 2023. In these, people from very different companies and of all ages will be there to discover the typological secrets of effective and joyful collaboration. It will be deep and also really fun. We'll get into the details of your professional patterns while always keeping the big picture in mind. I invite you to rediscover yourself and others (professional and personal).


February 8–10, 2023 already fully booked
May 10–12, 2023 already fully booked
September 13–15, 2023 5 places left
November 15–17, 2023 6 places left

Individual preference profile with one-hour telephone consultation

Helpful for:

  • for young people on career choice
  • Topics for personal development (complementary to ongoing therapy or coaching)
  • Improved interaction with superiors and colleagues
  • Dealing with difficult customers


  • Self-reflection and improved communication
  • Support and counseling through difference

Family constellation

  • Overall picture of the family (price after consultation)
  • Self-reflection in crisis situations (separation, divorce)
  • Better understanding among each other
  • Appreciation of differences

Partnership issues

  • Recognition of own strengths and weaknesses
  • Self-reflection in the search for a partner
  • For couples before marriage
  • Recognition help for online dating
Living in changing colors means:
  • Making factual decisions, but sometimes also just being guided by feeling.
  • To celebrate contacts with people, but also to find the strength within oneself.
  • To listen to the heart, but also to follow the mind.
  • To make plans, but also to live flexibly in the moment.


Access to the ID-Evaluator,
which is available in numerous languages.